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ShowMeMoney.jpgThis election cycle has drawn more candidates than ever before and they need fundraisers! Are you looking for ways to help pro-choice, progressive candidates win in 2018?  If the answer is yes, then join us for Destination Yes! How to Successfully Raise $$ for Your Campaign or Non-Profit.  


About The Seminar:

Learn the detailed process of how to successfully raise $$$ for your campaign, candidate, or non-profit. This seminar is ideal for candidates, fundraisers, campaign staff, non-profit leaders.... anyone who wants to successfully raise money. 

Participants learn how to utilize the "Funnel of YES!" to be confident when asking for money, create a sense of urgency in the donor to say ‘yes’ and take action now. Each participant will receive handouts and a video.

This seminar has been presented to The National Board of the National Women’s Political Caucus, the Luskin School at UCLA, LAAPOA Empowerment Conference for Women, NWPC training for Progressive Women Candidates, among many others.

About The Facilitator:

Teray Stephens is known as an outstanding strategist and ‘rainmaker’ with outstanding problem solving, business development, coaching and fundraising skills. Her background includes expertise with Early Stage and Start-ups, Sustainable and Green Projects, Entertainment and Media Groups, High Tech, Non-Profit and Political organizations.


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