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NWPC OC Endorses Local Office Candidates

NWPC OC is happy to announce the first round of endorsed candidates for local races.  Candidates seeking endorsement may apply here.




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NWPC OC Endorsed Candidates!

NWPC OC is happy to announce the Endorsed Candidates in 2020 Primary!  

Orange County now has vote centers throughout the county, as well as mail-in ballots.  Vote March 3, 2020!  For more information about changes to Orange County's voting, visit the OC Registrar of Voters website.


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NWPC Online Audio Campaign Training Now Available

NWPC Audio Campaign Training Manual Available Today!

In 12 chapters, you will learn about campaign fundraising, social media, messaging, image, voice, and confidence.

Available to NWPC members for FREE or join directly through the site for immediate access. 
“We updated our “Best Practices for Running a Campaign” based on what women told us this past election cycle in 2018, when so many of them won. Now, it’s ready for all our members to download and start listening!”  Donna Lent, NWPC President 
These 12 chapters, each about 18 to 20 minutes come with written materials to accompany each audio chapter.

“From sample budgets and fundraising plans to the top social media and website tips, the materials cover 25 different aspects of today’s campaigns that every candidate needs to know, especially first-time candidates”

Cathy Allen
NWPC VP of Education and Training

Whether you're interested in running for office or learning the basics of managing a campaign, check out the NWPC Audio Training Manual to get started! 

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