April: Recognizing Sexual Assault Awareness Month

April 2021 marks the official 20th anniversary of SAAM. The need to recognize this movement is imperative. As the National Sexual Violence Research Center writes, "It's impossible to prevent an issue no one knows about, and it’s difficult to make people aware of a problem without providing a solution." As an organization dedicated to supporting women of all backgrounds, we want to join in raising awareness, and being a part of the solution.

Each year a new campaign is set forth for the month of April. The focus of this years SAAM is safety in online spaces. This year more than ever, online spaces have become one of the few ways to connect with others and meet new people during the pandemic. However, it is important that as our world is becoming digitalized, that we in turn learn how to practice digital consent and are respectful and safe, no matter what space we are in.

To learn more about awareness and prevention, the history of SAAM, or to donate please visit NSVRC.org (the National Sexual Violence Research Center).

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