Board of Directors

NWPC OC Board of Directors

Office Board Member Term (Terms are 2 years)
President Sherri Loveland 2012 - Present
Vice President Summer Fox March 2018 - January 2020
Treasurer Tish Leon May 2018 - January 2020
Secretary/Membership KC Pandell January 2018 - January 2020
VP Political Action Barbara Nelson November 2017 - November 2019
VP Communications Liz Kadison July 2018 - January 2020
Events Chair Open  


Would you like to join the NWPC OC Board of Directors? Please read the NWPC CA and NWPC OC By-Laws, as well as "Things You Should Know," below, prior to contacting us about joining the board of directors.  

Things Potential Board Members Should Know Before Joining

  1. This is a working board. All board members are required to take on a role with the board and fulfill their responsibilities in that role.
  2. Assist with the planning of events, meetings, or partnering with other organizations. This includes sharing events on your social media feed, taking flyers to other organization’s meetings for distribution, emailing to your friends.
  3. Attend NWPC OC events and meetings to assist with set up, clean up, check-in, etc.
  4. Board members must be members of NWPC and current on their membership dues.
  5. Study the by-laws.
  6. Study job descriptions/duties before agreeing to take on a position with the board.
  7. Be proactive! Don’t wait to be told what to do.  If you are not sure, ask!



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