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  • john graham
    commented 2017-11-03 13:53:04 -0700
    Hi All, I am looking for an invitation to participate in the Nov 7th event at UCI. I am a candidate for the 45th CD. Please see
  • Omar Siddiqui
    commented 2017-08-23 20:11:23 -0700
    @National Women’s Political Caucus-OC.

    (Response to Facebook Post of Wednesday, August 23 @ 2:21 p.m.)

    First and foremost, as an incredibly proud father of two young daughters, securing equal rights for women — fighting for and ensuring equal rights for all genders — is of utmost importance to me. I am and always will be an advocate for women and women’s rights. #AllAreCreatedEqual.

    I am committed to closing #GenderGaps and will continue to demand #GenderEquality in all respects. For example, I regularly host and support #FBI and #CIA diversity agent recruitment events specifically focusing on women and diversity initiatives. (In fact, FBI Director Comey was fired by President Trump when he was in Los Angeles to attend such an event I was co-hosting in May 2017).

    I do not share the same views or hold the same opinions on every matter as Congressman Ed Royce (@RepEdRoyce), but nonetheless offer to host a meeting with your members and Congressman Royce in efforts to discuss these important issues. I would welcome an opportunity to meet with you to strategize how we are going to put an end to the inequalities women face every day and everywhere. I encourage EVERYONE, including Congressman Royce and #Republicans and #Democrats alike, to join our conversation and take action.

    I look forward to working with the National Women’s Political Caucus. My Campaign Manager Allyson will be contacting you to schedule our meeting. #UnitedWeRise

    - Omar Siddiqui

    U.S. Congressional Candidate (48th District)

    Omar In The House
  • Louise Adler
    commented 2014-07-25 10:50:37 -0700
    I need to send you a check to co-sponsor the Yee event. Where do I mail the check for $250? Or should we just bring it to the event????
  • Sharon OHara
    commented 2013-09-22 18:27:25 -0700
    Hi from Nevada County

    Would you send me the pdf of just the round Rosie button from the flyer?

    OR give me the link to where I can download it?

    I’d really like to add it to my facebk page

    Thanks and all the best, Sharon O’Hara (past nwpc/oc pres.)