Naz Hamid

naz_hamid.jpgNazish Hamid was born in Karachi, Pakistan.  Naz was raised by her grand-mother, in a single parent household.  When her grand-mother passed, Naz went to live with her aunt, also unmarried, and the dean of the largest women’s girls’ college in Pakistan, at the time.  Her family made sure that her education was top-notch and enrolled her in a Catholic school.  Her schooling began in a Convent; a venerable institution that commanded and expected excellence in academics, extra-curriculum, and charity. 
Naz' first experience with teaching began in tenth grade when her family joined forces to teach basic math, reading, and money management to young Afghani children, displaced by war, and who worked as laborers in their city. 

After high school,she was admitted to USC’s Marshall School of Business Scholars program; designed for high performing students.  While a student at USC, she volunteered to be a visiting guest at Manual Arts High School in Watts.   Once again she came face to face with children who deserved better in life, who needed inspiration, and the drive to excel.  She was awarded the “Order of Troy” by USC, an award that is given to graduating seniors who have demonstrated extraordinary service and dedication to the USC campus community. 

The spirit of public service, empathy, and compassion have guided her decisions. So, when she met a mom who asked why she is running for school board, her motivations were clear. Both of her kids are current students, and to her ALL kids matter-whether they are special needs, GATE, APAAS, at-risk, etcetera. She cares deeply about education and personalized learning. She understands how the state board of education works and how standards are set. She is also well aware of how the partnership between teachers, parents, students, staff, and the board can lead to the next level of academic excellence. She is ready to continue to care for the teachers and to work with the state board of education to return personalized learning models that took a back-seat with the “No Child Left Behind” policy from fifteen years ago. She will always put the kids’ interests first and make decisions that lead to the best outcome for them.

Naz is a girl scouts troop leader, nurturing young minds to embrace charity, build leadership skills, and to think above and beyond.  She and her husband support the United Way-Orange County, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Big Brother/Big Sister, Illumination Foundation, IPSF, and several local charities.  

To learn more about Naz' campaign, please visit her website.

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