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  • Support WISEPlace for Women


    As an organization that supports women, NWPC supports WISEPlace for Women. We want you to know what they do for women and how you can help.  Please consider taking a tour to learn more and support their work.

    Please register for a tour here.

    Dr. David Snow, the lead researcher on the UCI Study on the Cost of Homelessness to our community will be discussing the topic: How Did I Get Here? Women and Homelessness.

    A Graduate of WISEPlace will share her story.

    Saturdays – 07/13/19 or 08/24/19
    Time:  11:00 am – 12:30 pm
    1411 N Broadway, Santa Ana, CA 92706

  • NWPC Campaign Training

    The National Women's Political Caucus offers comprehensive campaign training for candidates and campaign organizers.  Visit the Events page on this website or visit the Events page on the NWPC California website for training throughout California.

    NWPC now has online low budget campaign training available FREE for NWPC members.  Whether you're considering a run for office or want to volunteer, learn the basics of how to run an effective campaign here.

  • Demand a Town Hall

    Contact your Congressional Representative:

    Representative District Office Washington Office Email  Website
    Linda Sanchez
    CA 38

    12440 E. Imperial Hwy., Suite 140
    Norwalk, CA  90650

    Phone:  (562) 860-5050

    Rayburn House Office Building
    S. Capitol Street & Independence Ave., SE
    Room 2329
    Washington, DC  20515

    Phone:  (202) 225-6676

    Ed Royce
    CA 39

    210 W Birch Street , Suite 201
    Brea, CA 92821

    Phone:  (714) 255-0101 or
    (909) 420-0010

    Rayburn House Office Building
    S. Capitol Street & Independence Ave., SE
    Room 2310
    Washington, DC 20515

    Phone:  (202) 225-4111



    Mimi Walters
    CA 45

    3333 Michelson Dr., Ste. 230
    Irvine, CA  92612

    Phone:  949-263-8703

    Cannon House Office Building
    1st & Independence Ave., SE
    Room 215
    Washington, DC  20515

    Phone:  (202) 225-5611





    Lou Correa
    CA 46
    Rancho Santiago Community College Building
    2323 N. Broadway
    Suite 319
    Santa AnaCA 92706

    Phone: 714-621-0102



    Longworth House Office Building
    Room 1039
    Washington, DC 20515

    Phone: (202) 225-2965
    Email Website 
    Alan Lowenthal, CA 47  

    100 W. Broadway
    West Tower Suite 600
    Long Beach, CA 90802

    Phone: (562) 436-3828
    Cannon House Office Building
    1st & Independence Ave., SE
    Room 125
    Washington, DC 20515

    Phone: (202) 225-7924
    Dana Rohrabacher
    CA 48
    101 Main Street, Suite 380
    Huntington BeachCA 92648
    Phone: (714) 960-6483
    2300 Rayburn HOB
    WashingtonDC 20515

    Phone: (202) 225-2415
    Darrell Issa
    CD 49 
    1800 Thibodo Road, Suite 310
    Vista, CA  92081
    Phone:  (760) 599-5000
    Rayburn House Office Building
    S. Capitol Street & Independence Ave., SE
    Room 2269
    Washington, DC  20515
    Phone:  (202) 225-3906
    Email Website

    You may want to follow the script below, editing to fit your concerns:

    Hello, my name is ____________ and I live in Congressional District _______.  Representative _________________ is my representative and I have the following concerns that I would like to see Representative ________________ address:

    Choose One Topic per phone call.  Call daily!


    • Schedule regular town-hall meetings with your constituents
    • Immediately stop supporting policies that accelerate global warming
    • Take action to support and protect all residents living in CA-49 regardless of their religious beliefs, and
    • Support women's reproductive rights

    Issue #1:
    Schedule regular in-person town-hall meetings with constituents:

    In order to hear first hand from constituents it is essential that Representative ______________ hold regularly scheduled town hall meetings. These meetings allow Representative __________________ to see how legislation directly affects residents in CA _____ and provides an opportunity for Representative _______________________to change his/her position once he/she gathers this information.

    I also expect that these regularly scheduled town hall meetings will be publicized well in advance. They should be held in a venue that provides space for all and offers enough time for constituents to have their questions and concerns heard and answered.

    Issue #2:

    Stop supporting policies that accelerate global warming:

    California is particularly vulnerable to the impact of global warming. A vote for easing the regulation of greenhouse gasses is a vote against the interests of nearly all current Californians and it will negatively impact future generations of Californians.

    The residents of CA _____ deserve a Congressional representative who will vote for legislation that will slow climate change to maintain the beautiful beaches along our coast. We expect responsible votes in favor of policies which will reduce the probability that severe droughts in the future will devastate the winter snowpack in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and wreak havoc on our water supply and California’s agricultural production.

    Issue #3:

    Take action to support and protect all residents living in CA ______ regardless of religious beliefs:
    I call on Representateive _______________ to be an ethical leader and speak out when the actions of the Trump administration appear unethical, racist, xenophobic, or target one religious group over others.

    Issue #4:

    Support women's reproductive rights:
    Vote against the proposal to defund Planned Parenthood.

    According to the Planned Parenthood website, “Planned Parenthood delivers vital reproductive health care, sex education, and information to millions of women, men and young people worldwide.” Furthermore, through Planned Parenthood’s 650 health centers they are providing critical services which treat and prevent sexually transmitted infections and save lives by screening for cancers.

    A woman's decision whether or not to terminate a pregnancy is her business and hers alone.  No one should have the right to tell another person what they may and may not do with their bodies.

    Women must have the right to receive birth control coverage in her health insurance program.  PERIOD!  No employer should ever have the right to refuse birth control coverage because of their own religious beliefs.  A person should always have the right to choose whether or not to use birth control for themselves - and no one else.

    Issue #5:

    No Repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) without a viable replacement.
    Orange County has over 34,000 ACA enrollees. Repealing the ACA without a viable replacement would cost the lives of residents in your district which you were elected to represent.

    I call on Representative ______________________ to publicly promise the voters of CA _______ that he/she will not vote for a repeal of the ACA and a delay of a viable replacement.

    These issues are not Republican or Democratic, they are issues that most Californians support and are issues that a majority of your constituents’ support. 

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