Shiva Farivar

Shiva.jpegShiva Farivar is a mother, community leader, and longtime Irvine resident, who is running for Irvine City Council to protect our quality of life and move Irvine forward.

Shiva served on Irvine’s Community Services Commission for seven and a half years, and she chaired the commission for five years. In this role, she oversaw all aspects of the City’s Parks and Recreational Programs. She also chaired the Advisory Committee of Irvine’s Strategic Plan for Children, Youth and Families.  Her long history of community involvement includes serving on numerous school site councils, working as the Executive Assistant to the Mayor of Irvine, and directing the Persian New Year Festival in Irvine for three years. In 2014 she was presented with the “Outstanding Supporter of Prevention Award” by the Irvine Prevention Coalition.

Shiva was born in Tehran, but spent much of her childhood in Germany. In 1978, after graduating from the German High School in Tehran, she moved to California to pursue her higher education. She received her Bachelor’s Degrees in Political Science and German Literature from the UC San Diego, and her Master’s Degree in German Literature from UC Irvine. After ten years as a Banker in San Francisco and Los Angeles, Shiva and her family moved to Irvine in 1994, and she decided to stay home and raise her children. Being a strong education advocate, she started volunteering at her children’s schools and served on different School Site Councils. She and her husband, Firouz, have lived in Irvine for over 22 years.

Shiva also became involved in various political causes and campaigns. Her interest in local government became noticed, and in 2006, she became the Executive Assistant to Mayor Beth Krom, serving as her liaison to cultural, educational and non-profit organizations.

In these roles, Shiva was deeply committed to represent the interests of all Irvine residents in order to achieve the best programs and services the City has to offer. Shiva has always been particularly mindful of the needs of teenagers, and has always sought ways to make more services available to this age group. Upon her suggestion for a teen tip line, the Community Services Department joined forces with the Public Safety Department, and designed the City’s App, which offers, among many items, a separate section just for teens, with an anonymous tip line. Shiva continues to advocate for new and expanded intervention and prevention services for youth to reduce drug and alcohol use, and increase connectivity to their community through service, education and support. She was recently presented with the “Outstanding Supporter of Prevention Award” by the Irvine Prevention Coalition.

As an active member of the Persian Community, Shiva has for the past six years coordinated efforts with other Community leaders to have the City of Irvine proclaim March 21 as Persian New Year Day. She has directed the Persian New Year Festival in Irvine for three years, which has been attended by not only Iranians, but also Public Officials and the Community-at-Large. Due to the overwhelming success of the event, Shiva and other Community members are planning to hold the event on an annual basis.

 Click here to learn more about Shiva Farivar and how you can support her campaign.

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