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It's important to know how your local elected officials are voting on issues that directly impact you. Below are links to the voting records of our state's assembly and senate members. Before casting your next vote, be sure to review these voting records to ensure you are supporting candidates who reflect your values. 

Run for Office:  This website has information about what seats are open in every city!  Enter your zip code and the site will list all offices that you could run for!

Ballot Pedia:

California Legislative Information:

California State Assembly Pro-Life Council Voting Record:

California State Senate Pro-Life Council Voting Record:

National Conference of State Legislators (Women in State Legislatures):

Links to Women's Organizations and/or organizations that support Women:

Women's Radio:

Women's Calendar:

Rutgers University, Center for Women and Politics:

National Women's History Project

University of California Irvine's "Expanding Perspectives on Gender Equality" forum. This was a full-day forum, but you may watch the videos in segments - well worth it!

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