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SueSavary.jpgDr. Suzanne Joyce Savary moved with her family to California to work with Dr. Carl Sagan, as his VP of Marketing, in creating the world-renowned PBS COSMOS series. Suzanne is a retired University of Southern California Associate Professor, where she taught management and communications in the Marshall School of Business. As CEO of her own Management Consulting Firm since 1979, she helped clients, ranging from Fortune 20 companies to small biotech firms, to grow their businesses by teaching managers and executives how to create the high performance environment - exactly the skills that are most needed in Congress today.

In 2007, Suzanne co-founded and became President of the Newport Beach Women’s Democratic Club. Under her leadership NBWDC was awarded the Coalition Partner of the Year Award by Planned Parenthood, convinced the Newport Beach City Council to keep the Civic Center of Newport Beach non-partisan by prohibiting statues celebrating one political side over another, had the vote to defund Planned Parenthood rescinded by the Orange County Board of Supervisors, and successfully achieved the reinvestigation of the Hoag – St. Joseph’s affiliation by the State of California Attorney General to support the reinstatement of comprehensive women’s healthcare and limit the impact of religious directives on fertility and end of life treatment at Hoag.

Suzanne served the City of Newport Beach as one of seven citizens chosen by the City Council to the 2011 Newport Beach Charter Commission to review and update the document that rules the city. She was elected by the Orange County Coast Community College Board to represent the community in the Vice Chancellor selection process. She has also served her beloved Balboa Island by participating in many efforts including the Island Girls, Parade Marshall, and Island Holiday Tour.

Suzanne was brought up in Babylon Village, a small suburban Long Island community. Suzanne learned, as the oldest of 5 children, to take care of those around her. Her Joyce ancestors, who arrived around 1800, included a Chief Justice of the New York State Supreme Court, the Builder of St. Patrick’s Cathedral and a major litigator in Bobby Kennedy's ’s Justice Department. She credits her upbringing with instilling in her a belief in the power of good leadership to help humans band together and pool our resources to create a greater good. She was deeply impacted by John Kennedy’s world view that, “A Rising Tide Raises All Ships”. While her parents dissuaded her as she tried to join the Peace Corps at 14, the ringing call of “Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You, but Ask What You Can Do For Your Country”, caused this daughter of a Marine who landed on Iwo Jima and a mother who answered the call to become a Navy WAVE, to devote her life to the study and application of leadership skills and how to create the high performance corporate culture.

There are six reasons that Dr. Sue is running in the 48th Congressional District to defeat Dana Rohrabacher in 2014, her six grandchildren: Margaux, Maddie, Natalie, Jackson, Brysen, and Luke. They and their age cohort are the future and they are being cheated out of the American Dream that Suzanne’s generation took for granted: that if you worked hard, you could achieve a good life in America. This no longer is quite as true.

Professor Savary has also always believed in using her business skills in serving the community.   Suzanne served as the President of the YWCA of Glendale, which has been celebrated as hosting one of the most successful emergency shelters and long term housing for battered women in the country. She was also the President of the Glendale Chapter of the Soroptimist International, a professional business women’s organization with UN NGO status due to their work supporting women around the world.

Dr. Sue has been a champion of women throughout her life. Students asked her to be the founding faculty sponsor of the Marshall Women’s Leadership Board at USC, - one of the top student organizations on campus. Sue has served on multiple non-profit boards, including Verdugo Hills Visiting Nurses Association who play such an important role for families facing the death of a loved one, such as her own. Suzanne was one of sixteen Association Presidents chosen to oversee the transition of the YWCA of the USA from a top down to flattened hierarchy stopping its loss of one 100 year old Association a month to a return to successful status.

Suzanne believes that the world is a better place when we all work together for the common good and she has devoted her life to contributing her part.

Visit Dr. Sue's website for more information about her campaign.

View the debate between Dr. Sue and Rep. Dana Rohrabacher.

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