Team Irvine Event this Week!

Join NWPC OC's Meet and Greet with Team Irvine on Thursday, September 17th at 7pm via Zoom. 

September 17, 2020 at 7pm - 9pm

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As the November election gears up, NWPC OC is hosting a Team Irvine event for our members to meet some of our endorsed candidates. This event kicks off a new series of free events for our members which will allow our members get to meet candidates more easily!

Panelists Include:

Farrah Khan - Irvine Mayoral Candidate

Farrah Khan is running to serve as Mayor of Irvine. Farrah has served on Irvine City Council for the past 18 months and has focused on protecting public education funds, affordable housing, and the environment. As mayor, Farrah will continue to work on housing issues, make Irvine more economically and environmentally sustainable, increase transparency throughout the city government, support individual and business recovery, prioritize public safety, and provide leadership on social justice issues.

Tammy Kim - Irvine City Council Candidate

Tammy Kim is running to serve on Irvine City Council. She has been an Irvine resident for 15 years and will bring her experience as a small business owner, non-profit leader, community advocate and a mother to better serve the citizens, businesses and community organizations of Irvine. Tammy's priorities for office include commitment to public safely, affordability, sustainable development, innovation and economic development.

Lauren Johnson-Norris - Irvine City Council Candidate

Lauren Johnson-Norris is running to serve on Irvine City Council. Lauren is a small business owner, attorney, and Irvine Community Services Commissioner. As a mother of two young children, Lauren has vested interest in creating a bright future for the city of Irvine. Lauren pledges to protect the excellent quality of life in Irvine, increase efficient and green transportation options that will reduce traffic, work to increase childcare options in our city for diverse families, and support affordable housing options while protecting your home's value as a member of Irvine City Council.

Larry Agran - Irvine City Council Candidate

Larry Agran is running to serve on Irvine City Council. Larry is a former Mayor of Irvine and has a decades-long record of  bettering the interests of Irvine citizens. As former mayor of Irvine, Larry gained support for pioneering policies to strengthen the Master Plan for the City of Irvine by instituting growth control policies, adding affordable housing policies, and winning public approval of a sweeping Open Space Preservation plan. Agran aims to create a veteran's cemetery in the Great Park and Irvine's own public health department in response to Covid-19 as a member of Irvine City Council.

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