Women in OC Won!

Winner_Is.jpgSometimes, patience pays off. It seems to certainly have been the case with respect to Hoag Hospital! After almost a year of intense investigations, the Attorney General's office announced very positive steps her office has taken to protect women's reproductive services here in Orange County.

Hoag hospital management originally told doctors that no changes would  occur as a result of an affiliation between their hospital in Newport Beach and St. Joseph Healthcare. However, almost immediately after the affiliation was complete, restrictions against abortion services were put into place.

Concerned for their patient's safety and continued access to quality healthcare services at the hospital, a group of Hoag OB/GYN doctors released a public letter raising issues related to the imposed restrictions. After reading that letter, women's organizations across the county - including NWPC OC - joined together to form the Orange County Women's Coalition.

The doctors' public concerns also reached the California Attorney General's office who took another look at the affiliation process and the resulting restrictions. Her office released an announcement on a settlement her office has reached with Hoag Hospital.

Click here to read the Los Angeles Times article on today's announcement.

The settlement Attorney General Harris has reached with Hoag Hospital is a significant step forward and a victory for women seeking access to reproductive health services in Orange County. Our chapter wants to thank the OB/GYN doctors at Hoag for bringing these concerns to the community's attention, our own Teray Stephens for working directly with the Attorney General's office this past year, the Attorney General and her staff for ensuring all concerns were addressed and members of the coalition for speaking out so passionately on this issue.